Technologies Overview

We use the latest available technologies when making our skis. We also use materials and manufacturing processes that we have developed after several years of research and practical testing. The originality of every SPORTEN model involves a sophisticated design based on the specific features of each individual element.


TITANAL - Special material proven in the ski production which has a significant influence on the torsional rigidity and edge grip of a ski. It is used in combination with or instead of a certain type of fiberglass.

WOODCORE - A wooden core consisting of many connected lamellas made from top quality wood, so the stability of the core is ensured. In nordic skis with air channels to save weight.

ULTRALIGHT WOODCORE - A core made of low weight exotic wooden material, which is used mainly to reach the lower weight and to improve the transfer of forces during the push-off and glide.

POLYFLY - Special PU composite makes a perfect stable core providing excellent dampening characteristics.

HONEYCOMB - A material similar to honeycomb maximally minimizing the weight of cross‑country racing skis.

BASALT - A special basalt fibre strip improves the dampening properties better than glass fibres.

3D SHAPE - Molded shaping of the ski body. Contributes to the overall torsional rigidity of alpine skis and to better aerodynamics of both alpine and nordic skis.

CARBON HIGH.TECH COMPOSITE - Carbon is used in construction in order to achieve lower weight altogether with increasing of reaction capabilities of both skis and snowboards.

NATURAL WOOD TOP SHEET - Wooden veneer is used instead of the top film to produce an exclusive esthetic effect.

STRUCTURED TOP SHEET - The highly esthetic top sheet increasing the scratch‑resistance of skis.

FULL SIDEWALL - Classic open sidewall style.

PROTECTED SIDEWALL - Increased resistance against upper surface chopping.

NIS PLATE - Suitable for NIS plate non-screw mounting (gluing possible).

NIVYLEN - Significantly harder, lighter, stronger, dimension stable and much more resistant to mechanical and environmental stress than polyethylenes.

STEEL EDGES - Steel edges on back country are a great help in controlling the skis on frozen surface, mainly in downhill rides. They are suitable mainly for skiing on ungroomed tracks. Plus, steel edges extend the skis’ life significantly.

DOUBLE RADIUS - New technology of two different radiuses for truly universal skis. Smaller radius in the front allows for easy switching between long and short turns. Bigger radius provides for faster completion of the turns and ensures perfect stability in longer turns.

ROCKER - Slightly upwards lifted front part of the ski for better stability in deep snow will be appreciated especially by free riders. Moreover it significantly help on the start of a turn, which will generally make the control of skis on the piste easier and more comfortable.

DURABLE VERSION - Durable ski with a long service life.

RS SERIES - A model from the top SPORTEN line.

SELECTION SERIES - A model from the premium SPORTEN line.

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