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Sporten cross-country boots compatible (not only) with our cross-country skis are manufactured in cooperation with another proven Czech brand Botas. Choose women's, men's or children's cross-country boots and, together with the poles, configure the cross-country skiing set exactly to your liking.

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The advantages of our cross-country ski boots

Sporten cross-country boots are perfect for a variety of winter adventures. They are comfortable, anatomically shaped and insulated. Depending on the model and in combination with certain types of bindings, special fastening straps provide a stable attachment to the ski and add a feeling of support and safety. Some models also have a waterproof finish.

How to choose the right cross-country boots

The ideal pair of cross-country boots will help you achieve better performance and ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the sport. To facilitate your choice, we have numbered all models of cross-country shoes according to the standard shoe numbering (36-48). Some models of cross-country shoes have been developed specifically for a particular type of bindings or cross-country skis. For all relevant information, please refer to the product description.

Your cross-country ski boots should be slightly larger than your normal shoes. Count on your cross-country ski boots to be at least half a size bigger, maybe even an full size. This is because the leg tends to swell during sports, and there should be adequate space in the cross-country ski boot for this. On the other hand, it is desirable for cross-country ski boots to wrap around the feet tightly enough to prevent shoes from spontaneously taking off or from excessive movement of the foot in them.

But when choosing cross-country shoes, you should also be aware of the cross-country style they are designed for. You will find these variations in the Sporten range of cross-country shoes:

Cross country boots for classic style

Cross-country boots suitable for classic style are characterized by a pliable flexible sole, a soft toe and a sufficiently reinforced heel. Why do cross-country boots shoes designed for the classic style have these characteristics? The right shoes should support the cross-country skier during the sport, allowing him to move on the cross-country skis without problems and provide comfort and thermal comfort.

Our cross-country skis suitable for the classic style can be found in a separate category.

Cross country boots for skating

Skating, or skating technique, is a style of cross-country skiing that resembles classical skating. At first glance, it may seem more challenging than classical style, and skating equipment requires the right skis, cross-country skiing boots, and the optimal length of cross-country skiing poles. Cross-country skiing boots designed for this style should have a solid construction, especially the sole and the high ankle structure and joint.

If you want to pursue skating technique as well as classical style, you can try cross-country skiing boots called combi, which are due to a combination of structural elements suitable for both types of cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skis specially designed for skating style are also in the group Skating skis.

Backcountry boots

Backcountry refers to cross-country skiing off the track in open terrain. Backcountry boots have a robust construction to withstand challenging conditions while providing sufficient support and comfort while skiing in conditions that can change quickly in open terrain. Our high-quality backcountry boots are prepared for these factors and if you choose to use them, you will be pleasantly surprised by their workmanship.

If you are a backcountry enthusiast, you will definitely need massive and durable cross-country skis that can handle off the track skiing.

Binding of Sporten cross-country ski boots

Our cross-country shoes are designed for Prolink binding, which is based on the binding referred to as NNN (New Nordic Form). Norwegian company Rottefella has come to the market with the NNN cross-country shoes. The type of binding is typical with its two parallel grooves on the sole of the shoe and a trapeze in the toe of the shoe for clamping and very good fixation.

In the case of our backcountry boots you can again meet the Rottefella BC binding. In this case, the cross-country shoe is only attached in the toe and heel area, leaving the skier's ankle free. Another advantage of Rottefella binding is sufficient stability when moving in difficult rough terrain and resistance to slipping the shoe.

Choose your Sporten cross-country ski boots from the comfort of home

Study the complete range of cross-country ski boots and have them delivered to your home. In the product detail just choose the size, insert it into the cart and then follow the instructions. If we don't have your size in stock, you can have the availability of a particular model verified using the form. You can also buy Sporten cross-country boots from our retailers.

Shop for cross-country shoes:

There are no differences between women's and men's cross-country ski boots in terms of the materials used in the production. The processes and quality of the workmanship are identical whether we are talking about cross-country ski boots for classic style, skating or backcountry. But that does not mean that there are no differences between them.

Women's cross-country skiing boots tend to be lighter by nature and narrower in shape to better fit the female foot. They are also made in smaller sizes than men's cross-country skiing boots and may have elements in more colourful colours.

Men's cross-country boots are understandably wider and available in larger sizes with respect to the most common size of a man's foot.

Do you not know how to choose cross-country ski boots?

If you need advice on your choice of cross-country ski boots, let us know. We believe that together we will look at the possibilities of our range of cross-country ski boots and choose the ones that will suit you as much as possible so that you can enjoy the winter season with your cross-country gear.

I want a complete cross-country skiing set by Sporten

Learn why our products are the best. Choose cross-country skis and cross-country poles with your cross-country boots and enjoy the upcoming winter season to the fullest.

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